About Van Vale Guitars

About Us - Teddy Van Vale Teddy Van Vale

Teddy Van Vale has been a lover of fine Instruments and music since early childhood when he was gifted with a $3.00 Guitar by his Mother, Florence, who was a very fine musician. His life long quest has been to create the finest guitar that has ever hit the music scene. Read more about Teddy …

About Us - Bud Ross Bud Ross

Bud Ross founded the “Kustom” amplifier brand and trademark of Ross, Inc., in Chanute, Kansas. The main selling point of Kustom amplifiers was their unique appearance: Ross, Inc. was the first to mass-produce amplifiers covered in “Tuck-And-Roll” naugahyde, similar to hot-rod automobile upholstery popular at that time. The amplifiers featured solid-state circuitry instead of¬†vacuum tube-based designs so common in the 1960s. Read more about Bud …

About Us - Joel Edison Joel Edison

Joel Edison has been building guitars for nearly 40 years. He attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery (guitar making and repair) in Phoenix and spent time in the shop of Topeka guitar legend Dan Falley.  Edison has contributed several guitars to Jam4Dan fundraisers, and performs string repairs as well.